2013 NCTTA SoCal Singles Tournament

We were proud to host the 2013 NCTTA SoCal Singles Tournament on. It was great to see so many new talented players battle it out. Soon we will post some of the videos including the Final match between Jeff Huang and Grant Li. The future stars of the US nationals and semi-finalists of the US Open.

Here is the list of the participants:

Group 1:

Grant Li, Yute Wang, Ronald Yu, Krisha Venkateswaram, Franz Zhao, Ahmed Hendawai

Group 2

Jeff Huang, Kevin Li, Wenyu Li, Dalton Banh, Lingtao Wang, Chris Gardner

Grant won 3:1 but as it was extremely competitive. One of the surprising stars was an unrated player Ahmed Hendawi originally from Egypt. His skills and tallent will obviously grow and he will be fun to watch how he improves.

Thanks again to Adam Bobrow for facilitating this tournament.


Grant Li in red. Jeff Huang in black.

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