North West LA Open Results 9/15/2013

Dear Fans and Members of Allen & Sons Table Tennis Club,

Tournament Results
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U-2100 First and Second Place Winners Steven Gong and Shanks Budhavahapu

U-2100 First and Second Place Winners Steven Gong (right) and Shanks Budhavahapu (left)

It was my pleasure to organize the last  North West LA Open for 2013. We had a great turn out and we are still sorting through the media files to post it on the site. We will have allot of videos and pictures up soon.

First of thanks again to all the great USATT officials  - and  our sponsor

Congratulations to all the participants and winners (listed bellow). We had an amazing time and all the events ran on time. We had more events and I think everyone playing an amazing game.

It is true honor to have some many participants to show such sportsmanship.


Tournament Results

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  • u2100-group-steven-gong-and-shanks-budhavarapu u2100-group-steven-gong-and-shanks-budhavarapu
  • open-tournament-winners-zihau-justin-huang-and-justin-nguyen open-tournament-winners-zihau-justin-huang-and-justin-nguyen
  • U1800-winners-alexander-zelener-and-zezheng-eric-wang U1800-winners-alexander-zelener-and-zezheng-eric-wang
  • U1600-winners-hoi-shing-kwok-william-allen-blyth U1600-winners-hoi-shing-kwok-william-allen-blyth
  • U1400-winners-mike-schmidt-and-an-dang U1400-winners-mike-schmidt-and-an-dang
  • U1200-winners-alexandre-lomaka-and-dennis-roque U1200-winners-alexandre-lomaka-and-dennis-roque
  • U1000-first-place-winner-dennis-roque U1000-first-place-winner-dennis-roque
  • dennis-roque-winner-of-two-events-U1200-U1000 dennis-roque-winner-of-two-events-U1200-U1000
  • U800-winners-with-group U800-winners-with-group
  • U800-winners-richard-oneal-and-vidul-parsi U800-winners-richard-oneal-and-vidul-parsi
  • U800-winners-richard-oneal-and-vidul-parsi-with-an-dang U800-winners-richard-oneal-and-vidul-parsi-with-an-dang


North-West Tournament 4/14/2013 Results

Hello Everybody,

As most of you are aware that the 2nd North West Open just finished on Sunday. I am so happy to report that over 40 people participated and the games were competitive and entertaining.

As usual we ran on time and and without many glitches. I am sure many of you enjoyed the the new floors and what a difference they can make during game play. We received a lot of compliments from other players.

Also as always a big thank you to the staff that helped this tournament – Lind and Dinh. Without them such even would not exist.

Here is list of the champions, and see their pictures below…

800   – Brian Vo
1000 – Mark Carpetieri
1200 – An Dang
1400 – Charles Kim
1600 – Ronald McPherason
1800 – Alex Melekhov
2000 – Alex Melekhov

For the futures we are currently negotiating with new exciting sponsors to make a tournament with huge money prizes in all categories. I will keep you posted as soon as we have any more news. I am striving to make North West Open Tournament will be one of the best tournaments in Los Angeles.

As usual tomorrow we have classes with Bella and Friday we will have a group class with Fovad, which allot of you have enjoyed. If you haven’t attended yet, I would like you to come over for both classes which will compliment each other and see which one suits you better.

See you at the club,


Thank you for attending Coach Fovad’s Clinic

First of all I wanted to thank those who attended Coach Fovad’s Clinic,

Allen & Sons Table Tennis Club during Friday Clinic

Coach Fovad during Friday Clinic

Although it the second time since we started the group was larger and very friendly, I think they were very excited about furthering their Table Tennis skills. We had lots of fun and I hope all of us experienced first hand a great National Team Coaching techniques.

I know the coach was excited to see so many eager players and I would be really delighted if you shared your experiences with me or post it on our blog or Facebook and let me know what you think and which part was to your liking.

One of my favorite parts was that even after the class most of you stayed and had a great pick up games with each other, furthering what you just learned. Some of you stayed past 2pm, and I hope to see you soon as well.
It is always hard to find similar level players that you can practice with, obviously this was not problem after the session was over.

Again thank you all and I am waiting to see you next week same time (Friday 10:30 AM) same place. By the attendance we might have to do 2 groups very soon.

Tell your friends to see the class for themselves.

From beginners to advanced I don’t think anyone felt short changed.

Have a great weekend (as you know we have some great people playing ) so you are more than welcome to join us.

Allen Verny

North-West Tournament Thank You

Dear Friends,

I would like to congratulate all the winners of the North West Tournament. You played a strong game, and in the end proved yourselves to be the best. Also, I want to thank all of the participants. Without you there would be no competition. Your effort and skill brought a great game to our tables this weekend. The winners of the competitions are…

Under 1000 Dmytry Osadovsky
Under 1250 Nasrin Javaherian
Under 1500 Yiu So
Under 1800 Richard Simon
Under 2000 Luigi Guslandi
Under 2200 Kundan Ghimire
Under 2400 Justin Huang

The turnout was overwhelming and despite the great number of players many of which are USATT first time members, we still managed to finish in a timely manner without inconveniencing too many of the players. I have to give an enormous credit to the experienced event staff that allowed for the tournament to continue in such a great fashion.

Specifically I wanted to personally thank Masaru Hashimoto, Linda Hsing, Dinh Nguyen and Bella Livshin. Their experience and professionalism made this tournament a truly joyful and exciting experience. Without them this Tournament would have been impossible. Their combined experience makes them a true force in the Los Angeles Table Tennis Scene.

Also I wanted to share my deepest gratitude to all the participants some who came out some for the first time and as far places as San Diego or Bakersfield, the great spectators, concerned parents and generous sponsors. We all share the common joy of Table Tennis and help me realize my goal to have a fully sanctioned well organized tournament only few months after opening it.

I can promise only one thing to any future members and patrons, that this will truly be a place where friends of all levels can share their passion for Table Tennis in a professional setting.

In a few days, we will post videos and photos from the tournament.

Thank you,
Allen Verny

2013 NCTTA SoCal Singles Tournament

We were proud to host the 2013 NCTTA SoCal Singles Tournament on. It was great to see so many new talented players battle it out. Soon we will post some of the videos including the Final match between Jeff Huang and Grant Li. The future stars of the US nationals and semi-finalists of the US Open.

Here is the list of the participants:

Group 1:

Grant Li, Yute Wang, Ronald Yu, Krisha Venkateswaram, Franz Zhao, Ahmed Hendawai

Group 2

Jeff Huang, Kevin Li, Wenyu Li, Dalton Banh, Lingtao Wang, Chris Gardner

Grant won 3:1 but as it was extremely competitive. One of the surprising stars was an unrated player Ahmed Hendawi originally from Egypt. His skills and tallent will obviously grow and he will be fun to watch how he improves.

Thanks again to Adam Bobrow for facilitating this tournament.


Grant Li in red. Jeff Huang in black.