Are you going on a cruise this summer?


During the summer alot of people are probably going on cruises. From the many fun activities available I know Table Tennis Tournaments is my personal favorite.

If you want to become the champion of your Cruise Table Tennis Tournament we will offer a special short program – Cruise TT Champion.

It is a two lesson program,  and each lesson will be intense 1 hour long, you will improve on your game and acquire necessary skills to improve your performance and abilities on how to quickly eliminate your opponents. The Coaches will be able to show your weaknesses and of course improve on your strengths. Also you will learn some tips and tricks versus opponents that you can use to get the upper hand. The price for the class will be $125

This program is by appointments only and only available for short time so please contact me at (818) 330 – 5756 to reserve your spot for the class.




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