North-West Tournament 4/14/2013 Results

Hello Everybody,

As most of you are aware that the 2nd North West Open just finished on Sunday. I am so happy to report that over 40 people participated and the games were competitive and entertaining.

As usual we ran on time and and without many glitches. I am sure many of you enjoyed the the new floors and what a difference they can make during game play. We received a lot of compliments from other players.

Also as always a big thank you to the staff that helped this tournament – Lind and Dinh. Without them such even would not exist.

Here is list of the champions, and see their pictures below…

800   – Brian Vo
1000 – Mark Carpetieri
1200 – An Dang
1400 – Charles Kim
1600 – Ronald McPherason
1800 – Alex Melekhov
2000 – Alex Melekhov

For the futures we are currently negotiating with new exciting sponsors to make a tournament with huge money prizes in all categories. I will keep you posted as soon as we have any more news. I am striving to make North West Open Tournament will be one of the best tournaments in Los Angeles.

As usual tomorrow we have classes with Bella and Friday we will have a group class with Fovad, which allot of you have enjoyed. If you haven’t attended yet, I would like you to come over for both classes which will compliment each other and see which one suits you better.

See you at the club,


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