North-West Tournament Thank You

Dear Friends,

I would like to congratulate all the winners of the North West Tournament. You played a strong game, and in the end proved yourselves to be the best. Also, I want to thank all of the participants. Without you there would be no competition. Your effort and skill brought a great game to our tables this weekend. The winners of the competitions are…

Under 1000 Dmytry Osadovsky
Under 1250 Nasrin Javaherian
Under 1500 Yiu So
Under 1800 Richard Simon
Under 2000 Luigi Guslandi
Under 2200 Kundan Ghimire
Under 2400 Justin Huang

The turnout was overwhelming and despite the great number of players many of which are USATT first time members, we still managed to finish in a timely manner without inconveniencing too many of the players. I have to give an enormous credit to the experienced event staff that allowed for the tournament to continue in such a great fashion.

Specifically I wanted to personally thank Masaru Hashimoto, Linda Hsing, Dinh Nguyen and Bella Livshin. Their experience and professionalism made this tournament a truly joyful and exciting experience. Without them this Tournament would have been impossible. Their combined experience makes them a true force in the Los Angeles Table Tennis Scene.

Also I wanted to share my deepest gratitude to all the participants some who came out some for the first time and as far places as San Diego or Bakersfield, the great spectators, concerned parents and generous sponsors. We all share the common joy of Table Tennis and help me realize my goal to have a fully sanctioned well organized tournament only few months after opening it.

I can promise only one thing to any future members and patrons, that this will truly be a place where friends of all levels can share their passion for Table Tennis in a professional setting.

In a few days, we will post videos and photos from the tournament.

Thank you,
Allen Verny

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