Thank you for attending Coach Fovad’s Clinic

First of all I wanted to thank those who attended Coach Fovad’s Clinic,

Allen & Sons Table Tennis Club during Friday Clinic

Coach Fovad during Friday Clinic

Although it the second time since we started the group was larger and very friendly, I think they were very excited about furthering their Table Tennis skills. We had lots of fun and I hope all of us experienced first hand a great National Team Coaching techniques.

I know the coach was excited to see so many eager players and I would be really delighted if you shared your experiences with me or post it on our blog or Facebook and let me know what you think and which part was to your liking.

One of my favorite parts was that even after the class most of you stayed and had a great pick up games with each other, furthering what you just learned. Some of you stayed past 2pm, and I hope to see you soon as well.
It is always hard to find similar level players that you can practice with, obviously this was not problem after the session was over.

Again thank you all and I am waiting to see you next week same time (Friday 10:30 AM) same place. By the attendance we might have to do 2 groups very soon.

Tell your friends to see the class for themselves.

From beginners to advanced I don’t think anyone felt short changed.

Have a great weekend (as you know we have some great people playing ) so you are more than welcome to join us.

Allen Verny

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